Anti-Spy Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

Anti-Spy Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

With this Privacy tempered glass screen protector, you can protect your phone and your valuable information from prying eyes.

The anti-spy technology only allows your screen to be visible when directly in front of your phone and anyone to the side of the user only sees a black screen, thus providing much more privacy.

The privacy tempered glass screen protector is made from 9H surface hardness, tempered glass, oil resistant coating, this screen protector is ultra thin and ultra durable to allow full functionality of your smartphone. This tempered glass screen protector guards against smudges, scratches, shatters, and so much more.

Includes a privacy screen protector, a wet cleaning cloth, & a dry cleaning cloth

Available in iPhone 5/5s/5c, iPhone 6, & iPhone 6+
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